1. Q: What is the difference between us and others?

A: We promote and use “Total Online” approach where we make use of social media and the internet to eliminate all the elements that most peoples dislike about MLM or network marketing, especially on recruitments and sales methods. With our unique methods, no physical meet-up with prospect customers is required.

A: Most of the other company in the market today is just merely a marketing company but we are the manufacturer ourselves.

2. Q: What products we are selling?

A: Mainly skincare and health supplement products that were produced by us in our own factory.

A: Many more types and ranges of quality products, either self-manufactured or procured from reliable sources will be added in the future.

3. Q: Why we are the best option?

A: Others will have to procure their products from manufacturer where else we are the manufacturer ourselves so we can provide higher quality products at a lower price.

A: Zero sign-up fee. Just rent a personalized e-commerce platform and you are ready to roll. Meaning you have the flexibility to become solely a Merchant that can refer another fellow Merchant to earn referral fees or be an e-commerce shop owner for the public to buy products from you and earn attractive commission from it. (Multiple source of incomes)

A: Simplified “Total Online” marketing methods that make full use of online technologies.

A: It’s a “Total Online” business module that even housewives can do it, as this module doesn’t require physical meet-up with prospective clients.

A: Low monthly maintenance.

A: Zero inventory. Save money on buying or stocking up stocks as all products will be made available and provided for.

A: We provide step by step self-explained sales presentation/video and can be presented conveniently through online/social media.

A: We are committed to continuously produce and/or procure new product range so more choices/options to sell and to ensure continuity.

4. Q: What kind of support will be given by us?

A: Easy sign-up method. Process can be done easily online.

A: Enable Merchants to check their own network’s growth and sales through online using personally assigned ID code.

A: Delivery of products to end-user or affiliate merchants will be done by us.

A: We will aggressively do A&P activities through various media streams to educate and expose our products and services to the public so it can ease the job of promoting your products and services, thus ease the process of sales closing.

A: If necessary, we will provide discussion room or OPP room for group sales presentation and sales closing.

A: Sales administration will be provided by us.

A: We will provide sales tools/video online for use of our affiliate Merchants.

5. Q: I have a comfortable income and why should I sign up for this?

Happy to know that, but wouldn’t it be nice if you can be rewarded or earned extra income by just sharing some videos through social media while continuing doing what you are currently doing?

6. Q: I believed in venturing into conventional business model rather than investing into such marketing plan.

A: If you don’t mind me asking, how much do you think you will need to invest to venture into any conventional business? Give me one example of the business you would love to venture into. (If they can give one, then ask them how much is needed and what kind of setup requires before he/she can actually start it?)

(If they don’t have any in mind, just pick one simple and lowest capitalization business such as burger stall, pasar malam or food shacks).

“Wouldn’t it be safe for me to say that you definitely need more than RM 100 to start any kind of conventional business as mentioned above? And that does not include other monthly expenses such as administration, utilities, manpower, advertisement, promotion, office rental etc. What about stockholding? What about the consequences of bad weather? Have you ever worried whether will the same customers support you again and again, month in month out?”

“How would you feel if we can show you a way that you can begin a new and trendy business model with all the supports required without need to worry about paying salary, pay utilities’ bills, office rental, spend on effort to draw customers to your “shop”, no worry whether the weather is good or bad, no headache of holding enough stocks for your business and if done correctly it will ensure you of business month in month out, for a commitment as little as RM 100 per month, will you be interested?”

7. Q: Every month we have to maintain/purchase to enable us to the commission?

A: Yes indeed. First of all we are not “skim cepat kaya or skim Pak Man Telo” where you just invest certain amount of money and just need to relax and wait for an attractive returns (risky and illegal). In our case, the monthly maintenance came in a form of “monthly platform rental”. In another word, you may have the option not to maintain/pay rental if you felt that you are not going to have any business for the coming month. You may have the right not to maintain/pay rental up to the maximum period of 3 months after the expiry of your last maintenance / rental. (Refer to Terms & Conditions items 19 and 20)

Most importantly is for all your affiliate merchants to understand and accept this theory where they have to fulfil their monthly maintenance/rental as a condition to enable them to their commission. By understanding it and fulfilling such condition, everyone will be ensured to receive an attractive income month in month out without fail.

8. Q: Not easy to recruit new affiliate merchants (ideally 10 pax).

A: We wouldn’t say it’s easy but it won’t be too difficult either. We will guide you on effective ways on how to achieve the objective to at least recruit up to 10 pax as your direct first level affiliate merchants (down liners). In the past, you might have to make appointments after appointments to meet your friends or family members to talk about your business. You might also face rejections after rejections that eventually brought you down and give up. Now with “Total Online” concept, you just need to share some videos in social media and only interested party will PM you for more details. So no more physical meet-up is required and almost zero possibility of rejections. The more you shares, the higher your chances will be. It’s basically a number game. So, is it difficult now to get at least 10 pax first level affiliate merchants?

Next, is to guide your down liners to do the same too. It’s a business that required you to be the best “copycat”.

9. Q: How much can I make per month?

A: It’s all boiled down to your efforts and depending on your network size? If we uses 10 pax per level as a yard stick and with three (3) levels all filled up with RM 315 rental rate, we are looking at RM 65,400.00 per month. If based on RM 178 rental rate, we are looking at RM 32,700.00 per month. If based on RM 100 rental rate, we are looking at more than RM 8,000 per month. If we can show you a way to earn such amount, would you be interested?

10. Q: That’s a lot of peoples to be recruited! How can I recruit so many of them?

A: Not to worry about the huge numbers of recruits required. All you have to do is to make the first step and focus in recruiting your first level down liners only (ideally 10 pax). Then you have to convince your first level down liners to actively recruit their own 10 pax of down liners (this will be your second level down liners), just like what you have done. The same goes to those in your second level to emulate what you and your first level down liners had done earlier and recruit their own first level down liners (this will be your third level down liners).

(ie. You → 10 pax [1st level] → 100 pax [2nd level] → 1,000 pax [3rd level])

That’s the beauty of power of duplication. At the end of the day, you won’t even know every single one of them in your network but they do exist. Conclusion is, everyone just focus on doing their part only, that is to recruit own 10 pax.

11. Q: Why the commission structure is such where I don’t get higher reward from my own direct recruits (first level) but instead I was paid higher for my second and third level recruits?

A: This is the uniqueness of our pay-out scheme. We can safely say we are the first and probably the only one in the world doing so (paying higher commission for second and third level recruits). As compare to other conventional scheme, don’t you think such unique scheme will ensure that every up-liner will be more than happy to assist their down liners and not abandoning them? Wasn’t it better if you can get assistance from your up-liner to achieve your goal? And in terms of your income, wouldn’t you agree that the numbers in your level 2 and 3 will have more peoples? Imagine company paying you more per head at level 2 and 3, isn’t it more lucrative?

12. Q: What happened if my down liners were not active for a while?

A: As you already know, every merchant in our business platform do have the right to be inactive for a maximum period of 3 months from their last rental’s active period. If any of your down liners or even you yourself has been inactive for three (3) consecutive months, his or her participation in our network will be terminated. To re-join, he or she would have to start from scratch again.

A: In term of effect on your income, if the above were to happens, the only effect to you will be you are not getting his or her commission entitled to you only. But you still get incomes from all those who are still active.

14. Q: How good are your products?

A: Most of our products are produced under a stringent manufacturing’s standard. Or if it was procured, we will ensure that it is of good quality and safe.

A: As for our own manufactured products, it was produced using manufacturing processes that is compliance to the following accreditations:-

MAL License from Malaysia’s Ministry of Health in 2016.

GMP Certified in 2017.

HALAL Certified in 2017.

MESTI Certified in 2017.

HACCP Certified in 2019.

and various awards and recognitions from independent organization.

15. Q: How strong is your company?

A: TYC Beauty Sdn Bhd was established in year 2012; A member of NCS Group of Companies; NCS Science Sdn Bhd (formerly known as NGS Healthcare (M) Sdn Bhd) is a company established in year 2010 specializing in developing and manufacturing OEM, OBM and ODM’s quality nutritional and health supplement products.

16. Q: Can I pass on this business to my next of kin in case of any eventuality?

A: Yes you may nominate your next of kin. You may treat this as a business platform that you have built for your children.

17. Q: How can I know my network size?

A: You will be able to track and see the growth of your own network size online by using an ID provided by us. Easy and convenient!

18. Q: Are we allowed to do “placement”?

A: Yes you may. And it allows you to place at where you think it’s more worthwhile. Be it for financial reason or for rewarding your active down liners in which will rewards you too in return.

19. Q: Since it is only rewards me up to the third level, what happened next?

A: Yes, the overriding is only for three (3) levels only. It applies to everyone. But there’s no limit to how many first level down liners you can have in your network. The more first level down liners you have, the more income you will get down the road. It’s all in your hand as you can do placement. Once your network has fulfilled its potential up to the third level, you may decide to recruit down liner and place it directly under you as your first level or you may do placement as your second or third level down liners.

A: Another reason why we reward everyone in our business platform up to third level only is because we wish to allow more peoples to stand a chance to make substantial monthly income to make life better, instead of only for just a few of them.

20. Q: What I have to do to achieve this income?

A: It only requires three (3) simple commitments.

  • Firstly, to rent an e-commerce platform from us and instantly became our affiliate merchants.
  • Secondly, start sharing given videos on social media and begin recruiting your first level down liners (ideally up to 10 pax).
  • Lastly, to guide and assist your immediate down liners to do the same (copycat), to recruit 10 pax of their own down liners.

It’s that simple!!

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